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Yes even I ordered my Macbook Pro from them. The deal was good and even the delivery was fast. Overall, nice option to buy electronics.

Jerome Palaggi

Ellentronics is a superb company for my electrical needs. It is legal for sure. I ordered Sim Free iPhone Xs Max 64GB from this website. I was actually carried away with the offer. I purchased and was very satisfied with the fast delivery and authenticity!!

Patrice May

Alas! I got my phone accessories delivered to my doorstep in spain. The quality and finish is really nice. I am very happy with their goods.

Nancy Cohen

I was looking for a good online site for electronics from a long time which can give good deals from time to time and even I was confused initially. Finally I got one with good and genuine products. I ordered a Macbook Pro from this and was delivered on time with all accessories. The box was little crumpled from one end may be in transit and I am ok with it. But everything else was nice.

Ronald Hensel

I ordered for an Apple Watch Hermes Stainless Steel case with Rose leather. It is vry good. Absolutely good product with superb quality. This site has fulfilled my requirement and will order more from here only. You can go for it.

Ben Cabrera

I have been procuring my electrical gadgets from Ellentronics for quite some time now. I get good deals here and like their way of doing business. Will order more next time too.

Victor Dominiak

I purchased my Macbook Air from them. I got it at a good deal within the stipulated time. Good job!

Jennifer Wharton

I can never miss on sale of this website. My pocket money goes to the website for good things are crashed prices. Now can’t buy my electronics from anywhere else!

Sophia John

I got one from this website and even after the duties and taxes, the iPad was cheaper to me than if I had procured locally. Thank you so much Ellentronics, You are a savior!

Tracey Anderson

Excellent delivery …. on time thank you Ellentronics.The phone is everything that apple promised.

Suzanne Warren

Let me share my experience with Ellentronics..I got the device yesterday morning.. delivered right on time as mentioned by Ellentronics on the day of booking . I must say this site has improved a lot. I was hardcore fan of amazon now I have a better option!! Thanks you Ellentronics for amazing service.

Darren J. Field

Ellentronics has good service and fast delivery whenever I have ordered. Now I mostly order here only. Last time my Apple watch watch came within a handful of days only. Thank you so much.

Kathleen Hogan

I got my iphone x in discounted price, product arrived on time(spain resident). Really happy with the purchase.


Got a christmas deal on ipad. Received my product after 15 days, its worth to wait.
Overall, got my product without any hassle.

Lau Eli

Got my iphone on discounted price. Thanks ellentronics for super fast delivery.

Derek Powell

This time I ordered MacBook Air 2017 for 499. The only thing I regret that I didn’t tell them to send it faster to me (89 eur if I recall it correctly), so I waited 1.5 months to get it. I wanted a US model and I got it. Another happy customer!

Jenny Pointon

Shopping experience couldn’t be easier. Very fast checkout and express shipping. Satisfied.


Simply awesome.A new year toy delivered on 21st of Jan. Better late than never.

Graciano Moya

They even deliver to Donetsk (Ukraine). After 2.5 months of waiting though…

Andrei Karpushko

Finally! iPhone XS delivered. Very friendly staff and fast shipping (TNT express).
Thank you!


An Apple device is something you can buy and be satisfied with. I’ve received my pad in 4 week time.

Juan Pompidu Diez

Maybe Mark (the founder) is a good guy, but not providing tracking number was driving me mad until today, now I have my iBox with me 🙂 You should do something about it, we want to track our orders. Glad I received it, I was starting thinking its a fraud website when they refused to give me the tracking. Generally, I am satisfied. Next time I won’t be so crazy when there is no information about shipping.

Oleg Naris

I’ve placed my order on Dec 3, a couple of days later I realised that I needed to add one more iPad to my order. Thanks to Julie from support team who was managed to help me quickly and modified my order. The only downside is their shipping – I received my parcel on Monday so it took 6 weeks for them to deliver (in EU!). Good customer service, amazing Apple products. I am a long term Apple user. I hope this shop will still be alive when new iPhones are released later this year. I’d gladly upgraded mine. 🙂

Joel Osinga

Parcel delivered by TNT. Thank you!

Brane Luccin

I made an order on November 28 and paid with my debit card the next day (on 29th) and they said the shipping term is 7-15 working days. So, I expected my order to receive on 20th (no later than 20th). However, I received nothing on 20.12 and I made a request to Ellentronics via their support center to find out whats going on there. They replied that the parcel is on its way. I asked to provide with the tracking number and the company they used to ship my order, but they refused and said its only possible with fast delivery. Finally, a courier from DPD called me on 22nd of December (22.12) and said that there is a pack to me, we met the same day and… guess what? it was my Ellentronics order! I don’t understand why they don’t give tracking numbers.


Martin Zilinski

There are 2 things that I’d like to say about this company. (1) Prices are great, (2) Delivery speed is horrible (I didn’t try their fast shipping though). While I got my Mac, I got it after 7 weeks of waiting!! No messages from Ellentronics that my order is delayed, nothing. They just replied that my parcel “is on its way” and that’s it. Thus, my recommendation is like that: if you agree to wait for your Macs and iPhones to arrive in 7 weeks, go ahead and order. This is NOT a scam. However, if you want to get it quickly, go to Apple Store!

Antonio Castillo

New year, new iphone. I got that from a courier with no name, that was frustrating when I saw him, but it works! There are various articles on apple websites that xs max is not worth it considering the price but NO NO NO, it IS worth the price. Amazing smartphone, the only complain is about headphones. How come they don’t give airpods for free? Why do I need to pay 150 eur extra for that? xs max is their top model and it would be fair to get something extra for the money I pay!

Sergey A Miller

Happy with my new iPad.

Alisa Sakurova

OMG I was waiting for these 2 iPads for almost 7 weeks! I started to think its a scam, but fortunately its not. Glad I received them. Thanks guys!

Janis Berg

A Christmas gift received after almost 2 months of waiting… finally ??

Martins Zirdzins

I received my iPhone this Friday, it took 7 more days than expected, but I got it. Thanks!

Alexander B

The new iPad + pencil are the nice things to own, especially for the prices you sell them at. Keep do what you doing and you’ll gain LOTS of customers from all over the worlds. Parcel received here.


The pack has been delivered this morning via TNT (Halmstad, Sweden). Very strange they didn’t provide me with a tracking number because every TNT package should have it. Overall, I’m satisfied. The product is original, activated with Apple, all OK. Thx guys.

Olav Gustavsen